Welcome to Minecraftdiscovery!

This website is for all you Minecraft builders out there.

I'll be running monthly competitions for the chance of winning AMAZING MINECRAFT PRIZES! The themes and judging criteria will change monthly.

The competition for June is: Under the sea. Build's must be in by June 30th, there will be two competitions Mods and No Mods. The  judging criteria will be most realistic. Not only do I judge, but everyone can vote for the winning build. (Can't vote for your own creation)

You can build individually or in a team.

To enter your build in the competition you need to do the following:

  1. Create a single player creative flat world.
  2. Title your world with the name of the competition and your minecraft name.
  3. Once you've finished, save your world and exit minecraft.
  4. Go into the start menu of your PC.
  5. type in %appdata% in the search area.
  6. Open up the .minecraft folder.
  7. Open the saves folder.
  8. Find your competition world and right click on it.
  9. Click on the 7-ZIP application in order to create a zip folder.
  10. Click on the selection that says add to "________.zip"
  11. Go to the MinecraftDisovery Competition Forum page, and upload your zipped folder to the forum. (You must be registered in order to post. You can register in the forum webpage)
  12. If you are unable to zip your folder, then you can post screenshots to the forum. You can find screenshots in the screenshots folder in the .minecraft folder.